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1) #Ubuntu is primary a help channel, but social chat or other off-topic discussions are also welcome.

2) Ask your question and be patient. You do not need permission to ask a question. We are sorry, but there are certain times of the day when people will not be available to help. Please wait at least 15-30 minutes before you repeat a question.

3) Be civil and respect other people's opinions, whether you agree or not. Please do not be rude, judgemental or belittling. Respond to incivility with greater civility and respect.

4) Keep the Channel Family-Safe/Friendly. Keep this in mind in your on-channel discussions and when selecting your quit/part messages. Please do not link to anything which could cause offense or be not safe-for-work or use foul, vulgar or profane language (or acronyms or substitutes which imply foul, vulgar or profane language).

5) Please use pastebin for pastes longer than 3 lines. There are pastebins available on the web, including http://pastebin.com and http://pastebin.ca.

6) Be clear, concise and try to use English. We prefer the vast majority of conversation to be in English. Most of us speak English so it is generally helpful to keep a common language. That said, if someone asks a question in another language and you can speak that language, do not hesitate to assist the person on the channel or in query. Please speak as plainly as possible. Remember that, although most conversations occur in English, many are not speaking their native language.

7) Respect decisions. Staff and channel ops work hard to be fair and balanced, but may not always resolve issues exactly the way you would. We are always willing to talk with you about any issues you have, but we ask that if you disagree with our actions, to please bring your criticism to us in query. This helps keep the channel calm. If you feel your issue is not handled correctly, we would ask you to escalate your concern by sending a memo to the FOUNDER.

8) You can help others, answer only questions you are absolutely sure about, using clear and concise English.

9) If you give help, do it on the channel, since the help may apply to other users, and so that we may monitor who is getting help and if that help is accurate.

10) If you are genuinely interested in helping other people to use and enjoy Ubuntu, you are welcome.


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